Support Catholic Education

When you designate yourself as an English Separate School Supporter, you help promote a strong political voice through your elected representative (Trustee) in ensuring your rights to a Catholic education for the young people in our province. 

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Don't have children in school?

All Catholics are eligible to support Catholic education! Even if don’t currently use the Catholic school system, your support is vital to the preservation of our Catholic education. School support direction should be made, even if you don’t have children currently attending school. It is an investment in our future! All Catholic ratepayers are partners with Catholic educators in our community. 

Have you moved?

Even if you were previously an English Separate supporter, the designation DOES NOT follow you when you move. Every time you move or if there is a change of ownership, it is important that you register yourself as an English Separate Catholic school supporter.​  


If you are an elegible voter, you can vote at select locations in the City of Mississauga on the 

Advanced Poll Days: October 5 and 6 and October 13 and 14, 2018 from 10am - 4pm 

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Vote Anywhere Municipal Election - October 22, 2018

“Municipal election administration is changing in Ontario and we are committed to modernizing and improving voter experience,” said Crystal Greer, Director of Legislative Services and City Clerk. “'Vote Anywhere’ will enable electors to vote at any voting location or poll without geographic restriction as well as maximize accessibility and convenience to electors and reduce wait times.

Mississauga Ward 9 Polls

If you live in Ward 9 and are an eligible voter, you can vote at any of the following locations on Election Day, October 22, 2018 between 10am and 8pm.  

  1. Erin Meadows Community Centre
    2800 Erin Centre Blvd.
  2. Castlebridge Public School
    2801 Castlebridge Dr.
  3. Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School
    5820 Glen Erin Dr.
  4. Miller’s Grove Public School
    6325 Miller’s Grove
  5. Settler’s Green Public School
    5800 Montevideo Rd.
  6. St. John of the Cross Catholic School
    3180 Aquitaine Ave.
  7. Meadowvale Community Centre
    6655 Glen Erin Dr.
  8. Shelter Bay Public School
    6735 Shelter Bay Rd.
  9. St. Richard Catholic Elementary School
    7270 Copenhagen Rd. 

Mississauga Ward 10 Polls

If you live in Ward 10 and are an eligible voter, you can vote at any of the following locations on Election Day, October 22, 2018 between 10am and 8pm.  

  1. Oscar Peterson Public School
    5120 Perennial Dr.
  2. St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Elementary School
    3345 Escada Dr.
  3. Churchill Meadows Library and Activity Centre
    3801 Thomas St.
  4. St. Faustina Elementary School
    3420 McDowell Dr.
  5. Churchill Meadows Public School
    3310 McDowell Dr.
  6. St. Edith Stein Elementary School
    6234 Osprey Blvd.
  7. St. Simon Stock Elementary School
    6440 Lisgar Dr.
  8. Lisgar Middle School
    6755 Lisgar Dr.
  9. St. Therese of the Child Jesus Elementary School
    6930 Forest Park Dr.
  10. St. Albert of Jerusalem Elementary School
    7185 Rosehurst Dr.
  11. Kindree Public School
    7370 Terragar Blvd. 

Are You Elligible to Vote?

Who Can Vote?

If you meet all of the following conditions, you are eligible to vote in the 2018 Mississauga municipal election:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • at least 18 years old
  • a resident in the City of Mississauga or a non-resident of Mississauga and you or your spouse own or rent property in the City
  • not otherwise prohibited under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 or by law

You can only vote once in the City of Mississauga municipal election, regardless of how many properties you own or rent within the City. You must vote in the Ward that you are registered in as a voter on Election Day. 

How to Vote

Bring your identification (ID) when you go to vote.  If your name is on the Voters' List, you will need to show one piece of identification that has your name and address on it in order to receive a ballot.

NOTE:  Your Voter Notification Card cannot be used as a piece of ID.

Acceptable Identification includes an Ontario driver's license, an Ontario Photo Card, a cancelled personalized cheque, an insurance policy or statement or any other document included on the acceptable documents for voter identification list.

Acceptable Documents

Voters' List

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides a list of electors to the City of Mississauga in July. The City of Mississauga uses this list to prepare the Voters' List for voting days. If your name is on the Voters' List, you will receive a Voter Notification Letter in the mail with the voting days and selected voting locations. Make sure you bring this letter with you to vote as it will speed up the time it takes to vote. 

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