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The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is, as all publically funded Catholic school boards in Ontario, governed by a Board of Trustees. Trustees serve as system leaders of publically funded education in their communities and province. Trustees are elected by Catholic school ratepayers every four (4) years during municipal elections. The current 11 trustees have been elected to serve from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2022. Two (2) student trustees, elected by their peers annually, also sit with the board in a non-voting capacity. 

The Board of Trustees, through board policies, has an established process in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board for addressing concerns raised by ratepayers. Trustees facilitate the concerns of ratepayers by directing them to relevant Board staff that address questions of families and ratepayers’ concerns. The Education Act requires school board trustees to entrust the day-to-day management of the board to its staff, through the Director of Education. 

School board trustees, as individuals, do not have authority to make decisions or take action on behalf of the board. They are members of the board. The board of trustees as a whole exercises authority and makes decisions and does so in the interests of all students of the board. Individual trustees have no independent decision-making authority over the board, schools or its employees. 

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The Role of Trustee


Trustees develop and maintain policies and organizational structures. Trustees monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of policies in achieving the board’s goals.Trustees ensure proper implementation of those policies. 

Financial Resources

Trustees ensure effective stewardship of the board’s financial resources. Trustees ensure resources are in place to deliver accordingly on the strategic plan. They are responsible for approving a balanced budget under the Education Act. They work with staff to meet the province’s regulatory requirements for financial reporting and accountability. 

Student achievement & Well-being

Trustees ensure effective and appropriate education programs for its students. Trustees maintain focus on and promote student achievement and well-being. Bullying prevention is a priority for the Board of Trustees. Promote positive school climates that are inclusive and accepting of all under the Ontario Human Rights Commission. 

Director of Education

Trustees monitor and evaluate the performance of the board’s Director of Education. Trustees hold the Director of Education accountable to his/her duties under the Education Act.  

Trustees entrust the day to day management of the board to its staff through the board’s Director of Education. 

Strategic Plan

Trustees develop the Board's multi-year strategic plan and Catholic Board Improvement Learning Cycle (CBILC) aimed at achieving the direction and goals of the organization. Trustees review and update the plan annually. 

Community Engagement

Trustees bring concerns of parents, students and supporters of the board to the attention of the board's staff. Trustees work collaboratively with their communities to shape a vision for the board that is reflective of the input of parents, students and community members. Trustees ensure programs and services remain responsive to the communities they serve and assist the board in fulfilling its' duties.  

Catholic Education

Catholic school trustees act as stewards and guardians of Catholic education.  Together, the Board of Trustees advocates for excellence in education and engenders confidence in publicly funded Catholic education.  


Trustees play a key leadership role in ensuring that school boards operate within the standards established by the province.  

Together, the Board of Trustees collaborates with all levels of government in the best interest of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board communities.  

Meetings of the Board

Trustees attend and participate in meetings of the board, including meetings of board committees, of which he/she is a member.      Trustees have the right to vote on matters considered by the Board of Trustees. Trustees uphold the implementation of any board resolution, after it is passed by the board. 

Meetings of the Board


Board of Trustee Meetings/Committees

All regular Board and Committee meetings are scheduled on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). All are welcome to attend the public meetings.

Catholic Education Centre (CEC) -Board Room 

40 Matheson Boulevard West, (Highway 10 and Matheson Boulevard) Mississauga. 

Please note that DPCDSB endeavours to post full Board and Committee agendas on the Friday prior to the meeting date. Please see link below. 

Minutes of Board meetings are approved at the following Board meeting and are included in the Board meeting agenda.

Minutes for all Committee meetings are approved at the following Committee meeting. These minutes are part of the Committee meeting agenda.​